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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What type of building can be modular

Modular buildings and prefabricated buildings have been constructed for almost every use, in every industry. Consider a modular building for retail use such as a car lot or sales office. Utilize prefabricated buildings for a gymnasium or multi-purpose facility. Try a modular building for more secure applications like a bank or a military SCIF facility. Hospitals and clinics chose modular construction after the destruction of natural disasters. Religious facilities have been using modular buildings for many years due to the flexible design features. Industrial companies use our modular construction methods for power enclosures, guard shacks, storage, and telcom shelters.
Modular Solutions, Ltd has provided modular and prefabricated buildings for many uses and no building is too unique or difficult to create a modular solution. Contact our team at (800) 441-8577x8202 or email us at or visit our website Thank you for stopping by to learn more about modular buildings, and modular construction

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