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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Year Exciting New Changes

New Web Improvements Coming In 2017

Looking forward to getting our website updates up and running in 2017.  This will bring a new platform for the blog.   The blog will be hosted on our website.   You will still be able to find great archive articles on this blog, but our new content will be posted on the web page.  We will post a link here so you cans also still search for new articles and content.

Looking back here are a few of my favorite tips & articles available in this blog:

Modular Buildings In Snow Country

Modular Foundation Options

Employee Work Force Housing

Unique Modular Building Uses

What Shape Can My Modular Church Be

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Friday, December 9, 2016

Wellness Centers For Learning, Not Just Excercise

Modular Wellness Center, Will Be The Center Of The Community

The word wellness center brings many different thoughts to various population centers.  For some it is a place to find holistic or alternative medicine, for others it is a place to work out, and still for others it is a place to grab a great hot meal and gather.

The word "wellness" in this most recent modular building provided by Modular Solutions, Ltd encompasses total mind, body,and spirit well being.

The physical center allows aerobic and physical workouts for community members.   There is also a commercial kitchen that can prepare hot meals and serve as a place for community members to gather and learn a more healthy way to prepare meals.   The building also has education rooms to help with cultural and educational topics ranging from health and fitness with a strong focus on diabetes prevention and control.

The 6000 Sq. Ft. Hozhoogo Iina Wellness Center opened in August 2016, and has had a steady stream of local community members utilizing the facility on a regular basis. 

This modern fitness center is equipped with mirrored walls, and a heavy duty floor.  The kitchen has modern commercial appliances and can prepare a feast.   Educational rooms are equipped with moveable walls to accommodate small and large learning groups.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving From Modular Solutions, Ltd

Happy Thanksgiving From The Team At Modular Solutions, Ltd

Stop and enjoy your friends and family and count your blessing.  Happy Thanksgiving from the team at Modular Solutions, Ltd.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Modular Campus, Video Case Study

Watch This Video, MPANEL School built in 75 days

Modular Solutions, Ltd recently completed this project for Villa Montessori Charter School in Phoenix, Arizona.  The campus was constructed using our MPANEL © system.

The campus had some great architectural features such as glass store front walls, and high one way slope roof lines.

Check out the video using this link or watch it on our you tube channel.

VISIT OUR YOU TUBE CHANNEL FOR THIS AND OTHER GREAT VIDEOS.  Click on the link below to watch the video.  


Looking forward to sharing more great projects!

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Year End Tax Deductions, Great Lease Options

Section 179, A Way To Reduce Your Tax Liability

Section 179 is a federal income tax provision that allows small businesses to deduct the full 100% value of their capital asset purchases in the year of acquisition. The great thing about a lease purchase is you qualify for the full deduction,  even if you haven't paid the full value of the asset yet!

The Section 179 deduction is available for both new and used equipment and can allow you to write off the full value of acquired asset(s) even if you used leasing or financing to make the acquisition.  

Modular Solutions, Ltd has been working with companies like LEASE SMART  to find great lease and lease purchase programs for new and used modular buildings.   

The 2016 limit for your Section 179 deduction is $500,000, and it's important to have the equipment delivered and working before the end of the tax year, to qualify for the 2016 exemption.  Check with your income tax adviser and ask whether Section 179 is right for you.  

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Need An IT Room In Your New Modular Building, Read These Five Great Tips

How To Design Your IT Room, Five Great Tips

Almost every new modular building being constructed for traditional office space use has an IT room included.  Over the years we have seen the evolution of this crucial space.   Some manufacturers would just build a closet causing overheating, some manufacturers put in a large AC drop causing the AC units to freeze up or over cycle. 

When you are depending on technology to run so many aspects of your business, how much would it cost you if your communication or data systems are down?

Here are a few tips to look at when you are designing your new modular building. 

1.  Size the room based on the amount of equipment you will have in your facility.  Over sizing or undersizing a room can cause issues with the operations of your system.

2.  Do not use the space for "storage" of other things.  Frequently we will see designated IT rooms become storage for office and cleaning supplies or spare parts.  Keep the IT room clean and free of clutter.  If you need storage, design in additional storage rooms.

3.  Static resistant flooring is the recommendation.

  Use wood, laminate, tile, or some other easy maintenance non-static material for the floor covering in the IT room.

4.  If you are not using a professional rack in the IT room, then make sure your include a backer board that is coated with a fire restive material.  Some clients will even make the entire room a one hour fire rated room.

5.  We recommend IT rooms have a mini-split system with a ductless cooling unit dedicated to that room.  
In the event there are thermostat wars in the office spaces your IT room will remain cool and consistent based on the temperature setting you and your team select.  Large data rooms can exhaust through the floor or crawl space if you design your facility using a professional team. 

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Modular Buildings In Snow Country

Tips On How To Build A Great Modular Building In Snow Country

It is that time of year when everyone starts to pull out their ski jackets and plan for the winter storms and cold weather.  
There is a misconception that prefabricated or modular buildings can not be constructed to hold up to harsh winter conditions.   When you have a great design team you are able to get a modular building that will keep you acclimated in the worst weather conditions. 
Listed below are a few tips for consideration when planning a new modular building that will be placed in an extremely cold climate:

  • Insulation:  Continuous insulation, with high R factors will allow the building envelope to keep your inside temperatures warmer and hold the heat in.
  • Roof snow load:  Roof snow load in modular buildings are frequently at #60 or #80 roof snow load.  Talk to your design professional and make sure your design will accommodate the heavy snow season
  • Mechanical Systems:  Some clients are misinformed and think that they can only get those wall hung mechanical units that only have 9EER rating and use ALOT of electricity in the winter months.  This is an archaic concept.  Our modular buildings today have been equipped with VRF, Geothermal, Mini-splits, Package Units with high efficiency or gas heat.  You will want to take your time and explore all the options, life cycle, and operational costs of the various systems out there and make an educated and informed decision.
  • Exposure:  Site placement of your building using best practices for sun and wind exposure will help with overall cost management of heating and cooling costs.
  • Crawl space or slab:  There are advantages and disadvantages to both, talk through the options with your design professional to get the best solution for your site.

For more information on building a better modular building in cold country consult our design team for a free consultation and budgetary proposal:

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