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Friday, November 14, 2014

Cabinets-Cabinets, What Type Should I Put In My Modular Building?

At Modular Solutions,Ltd we are frequently involved in the early planning stages of an addition with our clients. One question we hear frequently is what type of cabinet should we put in our facility. The answer to that is driven by budget, functionality, use, personal taste, and schedule.

When we work with our clients during the commissioning or preconstruction phase we talk through a variety of questions to help them decide what is the best fit for their long and short term goals, and what is the best solution to meet cabinet and storage needs.
(5) Most Common Cabinet Types:
1. PREFABRICATED: This term is commonly used when there is a thin paper veneer over a compressed wood product and this is the face of your cabinets. For a really tight budget, very compressed schedule, or a low use area this type of cabinet will fit the use.
2. ALL WOOD FACED DOORS: This type of cabinet is attractive, and durable great for offices or standard daily use. They can be found "in-stock" or can be custom order depending on selection. The pricing is moderate but overall a good investment.
3. LAMINATE CABINETS: Laminate cabinets are commonly found in medical labs or doctors offices. They are washable and non-porous so they make a great "clean" option to store medical supplies. The cost is on the higher end, but when purchased from a quality manufacturer they will endure. They are usually custom order so allow a little more time in the schedule for this type of cabinet.
4. GARAGE STORAGE CABINETS: Large "BOX" stores carry these type of storage cabinets. They are surprisingly durable, and very low cost. They are not recommended for office use or high impact kitchen use, but you will see them in projects installed by owners because of the attractive cost factor and the quick delivery method.
5. KITCHEN ON STEROIDS: Everyone has walked into the box stores and seen the elaborate designs available for a beautiful kitchen area. Many of our church clients will upgrade to a more decorative cabinet system to make the kitchen feel like a home or residence. Some of our business offices will also make their breakroom kitchen areas a place worthy of a break.

Other things that are design considerations would be knobs, hardware, glazing, storage needs, plumbing, ventilation, etc. Working with our design experts we help you make an educated design choice for the best value on your project.

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