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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Modular Building Relocations, Five Great Tips

How To Relocate A Modular Building

Moving a modular building or portable classroom can be done easily in a day or two, and makes sense when you have changing enrollments or you have found a great deal on a used modular building.  Below are a few quick tips that will help make moving a modular building or portable classroom building more efficient and economical.

  • Tip # 1:  Plan ahead.  If you know your modular building needs to move in June, start planning the relocation in January to give your team plenty of time to get drawings, utility planning, site planning and coordination, and other efforts accomplished.
  • Tip # 2: Meet with local jurisdiction:   Even if you are exempt, meet with the local jurisdiction and find out if there will be any unexpected expenses or requirements so the budget and the schedule stay as proposed.
  • Tip # 3: Make a preliminary schedule on paper & make sure all of the vendors, sub consultants, sub contractors, and jurisdictions get a copy.  This way all of the extended team members will buy in and be notified of their scope and their time lines.  If a schedule changes it is always easy to send out a revision.   If you use a program like Modular Solutions uses such as MS Project it is easy to show events in sequential order and events that link together.
Tip # 4: As your move date approaches watch the local weather reports for rain/snow or if you get irrigation look at the watering schedule.   If the weather is going to be bad then don't worry about sliding your schedule around.   If you don't look at possible weather delays, and inform your team ahead a sub contractor may have to slide your schedule by days or weeks due to lack of planning.
  • Tip # 5:  Make sure every team member (sub contractors and employees) involved in the relocation get a copy of the drawings and schedule. We have built a great team at Modular Solutions, Ltd and benefit from sub contractors catching things on the drawings that could have really impacted the schedule or cost if they had not been noticed.   It is a team effort and everyone can contribute to the success of a project.
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