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Monday, January 25, 2016

Tiny House, USA

Tiny House Fad Everywhere In The USA

Some Tips For Your Search

With all the reality TV exposure tiny house living is a fad across the USA as well as globally. Tiny house living solutions are being offered by many types of contractors.  You can see tiny homes in RV's, in travel trailers, in sheds, in retrofitted school buses, in converted semi-trailers, in sea cargo containers.   Some people equate a tiny house with affordable housing, and ultimately this can or can not be true based on your buying decisions.

Below are a few tips for consideration to help you find the best construction method if have decided to downsize your life style and go with a tiny house.

  • Find a builder that is licensed to sell what they are offering, some renovation companies have been offering homes that can not be parked due to illegal construction methods.
  • Ask questions about code compliance.  Even if you have a tiny house you want to be able to relocate it, or resale it and if it was not constructed to code you may not have that option.
  • Figure out the cost per square ft of your tiny home.  Some of the tiny homes in the market place are only 200 square ft, and are selling for $40,000, or more.   If you calculate that cost per square ft you are paying $200/Per Square Ft or more for your new home.  This is more than twice the cost of a traditional home.
  • Ask about moving your tiny home.  Some are built to use in any location USA and others are good for a one time permit.  If your plan is to find various locations to live in be sure you purchase the right type of tiny home.
  • Be diligent about visiting the factory or place where the tiny homes are manufactured. Find a manufacturer with a history, and established roots in the community. Additionally verify if you are purchasing from a resale dealer or the factory.
  • If you have a floor plan in mind, bring it to various manufacturers and find out what suggestions they may have or other models they may have that can save you money.
  • Always ask about warranty, and quality control programs.
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