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Monday, February 15, 2016

Modular Health Care Clinic Design

Health Care Design Tips To Shorten Waiting Room Time

I saw this article in healthcare design written by Delia Caldwell is director of project delivery at Freeman White (Charlotte, N.C.).   The article contained some great tips to speeding up the time a patient waits for services, which can easily be incorporated into your modular clinic design.

  • Use multi-function rooms with portable equipment:  This allows the patient services to be diverse and allows the nursing team and doctors to take care of multiple health care concerns within the same exam room space.
  • Utilize exam rooms that coincide with your staff ratio: Example if your staff ratio is 4:1 then utilize 16 exam rooms allowing each staff member to have equal responsibility and equalizing waiting time for clients. 
  • Shared changing areas: Utilizing a changing area for multiple clients with lockers will free up the space serving allowing service to multiple clients during a process such as an MRI.  This frees the room while the client is receiving services, allowing quicker processing of other clients waiting to enter or leave the facility after a medical service has been performed.

  • Storage:  Make sure there is sufficient storage in each exam room.  This helps the staff from searching all over to find common items used in patient service.  Keeping a well stocked exam room allows the patient to receive needed attention promptly and keeps staff from having to leave the patient to find simple day-to-day service items.
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