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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Modern Design Finishes In Modular Construction

Don't Settle For Siding, On Your Modular Building

Today there are so many choices and options available in commercial construction why would you settle for "siding".  While this is main stream in the modular industry, and holds up pretty well in the long run, there are some other great options that will give you a fresh and modern approach to your finished commercial modular building.

Stone, Stucco, Steel:  A great Combination
Many of our clients will choose a combination of natural and man made elements to see a cohesion of design and artistic embellishment. 

What better way to show your community you care about how you blend in, and will contribute to the overall well being of the community by being invested.  
Steel Siding looks like Board & Bat & Vertical

Natural Wood & Architectural Steel
Most of the siding choices are created for longer life cycle and durability now.  Many are also 100% sustainable or recyclable.   To begin your search visit with our consultants and they can help you make an informed and educated decision on what is the best option for your new modular facility.   Visit our website at to look at some interesting case studies and other projects that have utilized versatile finishes and siding choices.   

For more information contact our team:

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