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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Look For Us On Our Web Site

Exciting News!   
We are getting ready to launch our updated website.  One of the great changes are that you will be able to find our insightful modular building articles on the web page now.    You will be able to search for interesting case studies and educational updates within our website by keyword searches.

So if you want to learn about steel vs. wood construction, or if you want to see what type of windows you should use, or if you want to look at siding & finish options, or what  LEED options are available, or any other FAQ's we have asked and answered through this blog site, you will be able to search both here & there!

our website is located at

The "OLD" site is still up for just a little bit longer,  but keep your eyes open for our exciting new launch!

If you want to reach our team:

Modular Solutions, Ltd
Phone: 800-441-8577 x 1 Sales

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