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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Modular Buildings, Built to Last!

Modular buildings are the choice for clients when they want a building that will last, and yet can still be relocated if required. The great thing about a modular building is that you can get it in any type of configuration, design, layout, and finish schedule.

Custom Modular Buildings are commonly on sites for long term use 30+ years. A modular building will have some of the following traits:
1. Wood Sub floor from 3/4" to 1 1/8" thick
2. Crawl space for access to the foundation and utilities under the building
3. Versatile exterior finishes (most indiscernible from site built) when set "on-grade"
4. The frame and chassis are usually built onto the structure and are a part of the building, but can be removed
5. Construction package is usually better quality (ie steel framing, 2 x 6 walls, R-38 Roof insulation, high use commercial doors & windows, etc)
6. Better quality mechanical systems (13SEER or higher, ILO wall hung trailer pacs)
7. Uses include modular classrooms, church structures, modular cafeteria, modular multi-family housing, modular offices, modular clinics, etc.

To learn more contact our preconstruction team
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