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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Box On Wheels, Isn't That What A Modular Building Is?

One comment that the modular industry hears frequently is "I don't want a trailer, it is just a box on wheels". Our goal is help you understand that while some companies in the modular industry still design and sell a "box-on-wheels" there is so much more available. Companies like Modular Solutions, LTD take pride in having an architectural staff, and building permanent structures that have 50+ year life cycles, and are sustainable and good for the environment.

I have been in the modular industry since the 80's and it has been great to see the pioneers in the industry that have built hotels, hospitals, military dormitories, and all types of permanent structures with great structural and aesthetic upgrades. Modular Solutions, Ltd has been a member of the modular building institute that showcases projects in our industry that push the envelope of creativity, and really take modular projects to a new level. There is no reason to settle, when you can have the very best.

For more information on permanent modular construction contact our team:
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