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Monday, September 15, 2014

We Need Worship Space...HELP!

Worship space is very common in the modular industry. Churches and religious organizations that are growing, but not enough to build their permanent structure are looking for ways to save money and time. By using a modular building as a semi-permanent space solution the church can continue to grow and be a part of a community without having to be a "church-in-a-box" where they lease space and pack and unpack their belongings every week.

What options are available for small religious communities?

1. Lease a previously leased modular building. They payments are affordable, and the building can be installed fairly quick. When you are done you just turn it back in.
2. Purchase a previously leased modular building. If you save up for a short period of time you will find the used modular buildings are less expensive than new
3. Lease/Purchase a previously leased modular building. This is a great way if you are planning on keeping the building for other uses when the permanent building goes in.

Semi-permanent modular buildings are a bridge between meeting on your home campus, and having your dream building.
The great thing about choosing Modular Solutions, Ltd for this type of building is we can also build the permanent building when you are ready (from inception - final warranty)

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