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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Net Zero Building, How Do We Get There?

Net zero is a fairly new term in the construction industry that simply means when designing and constructing a building you incorporate specifications and components that will generate more energy than it uses. Sound impossible? Not at all. By incorporating new generation solar/wind/geothermal and other technologies, it is very possible to construct your new building and have it generate more power than it consumes.
Net Zero was first introduced in the housing and residential modular industry as a way for home owners to get "off-the-grid" or to spend less each month on their energy bills. That technology created an interest in the concept, but was on the fringe and really was not affordable in the mainstream construction industry. As a result of advances in construction technologies, renewable energy systems, and academic research, creating Net Zero Energy buildings is becoming more and more feasible. for a full read on what Department of Energy (DOE) and National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) CLICK here. The new modern approach has actually been renamed Zero Energy Buildings (ZEB's) by DOE.

1. Design Smart: Incorporate the latest technology, and use energy star and energy efficient components and products
2. Investigate: Visit with local building officials and see what other local construction projects did to make their building a ZEB, and what did not work
3. Use renewable energy sources available within the building’s footprint: PV, solar hot water, and wind located on the building
4. Develop an urgency: If your project has community support you may find allies in the most unlikely places. Let the community know you are designing a ZEB and see what resources become available

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