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Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year, New Opportunities

It is always great to start the new year off and look at all the possible opportunities. Within your industry, I am sure you face some challenges that you are trying to sort out & get a creative and innovative solution to.

In the modular industry, we see some trends in 2015 to which we are looking ahead, and offering innovative solutions!

EDWOSB: Many agencies did not meet their hiring goals for this group. OUR SOLUTION: OnSite Construction Management (a modular solutions dealership) Woman owned, $10M bonding & GSA contract holder.

School Funding: With a deficit in state budgets, schools are awaiting funds. This puts projects behind schedule or needing a "one-stop-shop" solution. OUR SOLUTION: Cooperative contracts will be the budget and schedule solution. Cooperative organizations offer superior services through strategic vendor partnerships. Modular Solutions, Ltd holds a national contract award with Purchasing Cooperative of America (PCA) and in New Mexico, Cooperative Educational Services (CES). For educational spending we are able to offer the entire design-build solution for your agency.

Veteran Affairs Medical Facilities: While the funding has increased some, there are still very tight restrictions on spending for new facilities or improvements. OUR SOLUTION: Modular Solutions, Ltd has been providing high quality medical facilities for federal agencies since we were awarded our GSA contract in 2000. We have provided free standing medical clinics, dental clinics, renovation of facilities, addition to existing facilities, and turnkey design-build projects.

Permanent Accelerated Construction: Many clients are already behind schedule without having a design or team in place, because they went with traditional construction methods design/ bid/ re-bid/ over budget. Being faced with cancel the project or return funds to the federal government, we have a better solution! OUR SOLUTION: Permanent Accelerated Construction (PAC). PAC is an alternative to traditional site built construction. Our clients are able to get concrete floors, multi-story construction, creative architectural embellishments, and 50+ year life cycle. PAC construction can pick up the slack in the schedule and make up precious months lost while trying to get a traditional site built structure in place.

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