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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Commercial Modular Building-Color My World

Add A Little Spring Color To Your Commercial Modular Buildings To Extend The Life Cycle, And Perk It Up

Commercial Modular Buildings have a full variety of finish options available.  Most buildings will show their age as paint fades and as weather takes a toll on the building exterior.

If your modular building  has wood trims be sure to check the caulk & nails.  By keeping your trim fresh and straight, your building will look renewed and last much longer.

Don't be afraid to use accenting or bold colors for your commercial modular building to make a statement in the community and for recognition.     Look at this fun faux brick pattern that was used by a local training academy in Arizona.   

Learn more tips and color tricks from our team at Modular Solutions, Ltd.    

Contact our team at Modular Solutions, Ltd

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