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Monday, April 25, 2016

Commercial Modular Buildings - Five Well Kept Secrets

Five Top Secrets The Modular Industry Does Not Always Share

1.  MYTH:  Commercial modular buildings only come in wood, cement panel, steel, or stucco finish.  
TRUTH:  Commercial modular buildings have unlimited finish options.   Blending in with a community is often the desired outcome.   Choose a company with a professional design team to help you create the perfect design solution.

2.  MYTH:  Any commercial modular building larger than 1500 Sq. Ft. Can not have a high pitch roof finish.      TRUTH:   Most commercial modular buildings are constructed to have a "complex roof" with 1/2: 12" slope to be cost effective.  While it may cost more to get a 4:12 or 6:12 pitch using site installed trusses that have to be swung on site, it is a beautiful finish, and large buildings can be built with an 80# or higher roof snow load if required.
3.   MYTH: Building on a slope is not possible with a commercial modular building.    TRUTH:  Commercial modular buildings have to be placed where there is space and sometimes that is between a rock & a hard spot.   With the use of creative and innovative foundation systems we can place a modular building in almost any location.   Cranes, railsets, and special installation tools help commercial modular buildings fit on those unique installation locations.

4: MYTH:  You don't need an architect if you choose modular construction:  TRUTH:  Modular buildings, especially custom commercial modular buildings require the experience and code review to keep your building safe and architecturally interesting.  Whether you choose a private architect or a modular building company like Modular Solutions, Ltd that has N.C.A.R.B architects on staff make sure you bring someone on board that has the knowledge of prefabrication, and structural design.
5:  MYTH: Modular buildings have to be rectangular boxes and straight shapes of 12' x 60' sections. TRUTH:  At Modular Solutions we have built "H" or "T" or "L" shapes, but also circular walls and hogan shaped walls.  Our goal is to give clients what they want & make sure it is built to the same construction methods a traditional site built structure is constructed to.  Why Settle?

circular porch on commercial modular

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