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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Permits For A Modular Building?

One question we are frequently asked is Do I really have to get a permit for my temporary modular building? In most cases the answer is YES.

Many states and local agencies across the USA have updated their code requirements and are even adding special clarifications when you choose to get a temporary modular building. The new laws suggest or require that the building must meet the current local building code. (IBC is the current building code, which year they have adopted and are using is the key). The great thing is that some jurisdictions have a special permit for temporary modular structures, but with that convenience comes a stipulation on how long you can keep it on the site. Below are a few key questions to consider before you place an order for your temporary modular building or before you buy one on line that you can not give back.

1. Who is the jurisdiction for approvals (local, state, or federal)
2. Is there a time restriction on how long this modular can stay on my site
3. How long will it take, and what documents will you require to get a permit
4. Are there any special code requirements for your area that we need to know about
5. Ask for a preconstruction meeting. They are usually free, and save lots of time during the learning curve is you are attempting to do it all on your own

Just a few tips to keep you out of trouble, and help you see the big picture on modular building installations.

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