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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Renovation To The Rescue

Modular Buildings built in the 80's and 90's can have new life with renovation and retrofit. Sometimes a modular building was on a bad project site with water drain under the building, or the caulk was not trimmed out regularly, or the design may have been out of date. Some clients would call the landfill & say take it away, but other clients want to try and renovate their modular building into a new creation.

There are benefits and disadvantages with choosing to renovate an older modular building. Lets look at both a little bit.
1. Keeping up to 20,000 lbs of waste out of a landfill
2. Not having to go through the permit process again and maybe change your entire site
3. Not having to reconnect utilities again
4. Getting a fresh new look for your organization, creating an inviting atmosphere
5. Cost-effective way to update your image
6. No need to relocate or close down during change over
7. Much quicker than building a new modular structure
8. Design to save energy, and be more efficient

1. Business has to work around the renovation and noise of construction
2. Some of your wish list might not be able to be done, due to structural or other restrictions
3. Sometimes you find hidden damage or unknowns that can cost additional fees
4. May require all new fixtures and mechanical options
5. Will not be as energy efficient as a new modular building
6. Work conditions may require some weekend or overtime work

Which ever you decide the experts at Modular Solutions, Ltd can help you make the right decision for your structure.

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