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Monday, March 2, 2015

Top 10 Tips On Inspecting Your Roof Before Spring

This year has been quite hard for roofing systems with the driving winds, rains, and snow storms the hit areas repeatedly. One critical item that needs to be done with your modular building will be to check the roof when the spring weather gets here. Winter storm debris, heavy snow loads, and excessive weather conditions can really cause havoc on a roof. The best thing to do is to get a professional up on the roof of your modular building and do a visual inspection. It is much better to go into spring rains knowing your roof needs repair and getting it fixed, than to respond to an emergency that happened, when all the roofing companies are swamped with business.

10 TIPS to help you inspect your roof

1. What type of roof do you have, every roofing system has special and unique things to look for that you can see on a visual inspection
(foam roofs change color, shingles blow off, metal roofs have connectors missing or seams are exposed, rubberized roofs have tears, torch down or cold applied roofs have bare spots exposed materials) by knowing what roof type you have you will know what to look for.

2. Call a professional: Most roofing companies will perform FREE inspections on roofs, hoping that if there is damage you will hire them to repair/replace. Make sure the roofing company is BBB rated and try to work with a local company.

3. If your roof is less than 10 years old and having damage, maybe consider a different type of roof covering if you are replacing it. There may be a better solution for your climate and weather conditions.

4. Look for debris trapped in corners, in gutters, under mechanical equipment. Debris can damage roofing material or hold water and never let the roofing material dry out.

5. Animals like woodpeckers and squirrels have hidden winter treasures in the valleys, and other ares of a roof -inspect for evidence of digging or tearing off sealant around roof caps etc.

6. Inspect the gutters and downspouts: Frequently those have been damaged or gaps during winter storms if not reattached properly water can rot wood or facia trims

7. Inspect all your roof penetrations: (ie mechanical drops, sky lights, vent stacks). Make sure they are properly caulked and sealed

8. Inspect trims and facia: Warped, or damaged facia can let water damage in causing irreparable damage to the sub roof structure.

9. Look for Warping: Sometimes this one is hard to see with the naked eye, but experts can help with looking for any warping of roofing materials and sub surfaces

10. Make sure you do this every spring: By keeping on top of maintenance you will ensure a longer life cycle for the roof of your modular structure, and you will ensure if there are any damages you catch them early enough to prevent further damage. Often times that can mean the difference between a roofing repair and an entire replacement.

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