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Monday, March 30, 2015

Permanent Alternative Construction-A Better Way To Build

When clients are looking at different methods of construction there are so many choices and each architect or consultant has their favorites for a variety of reasons. Today I wanted to share about Permanent Alternative Construction. When a client wants a building that is going to have an extended life cycle, and that is sustainable, and that reduces their carbon footprint, there are many choices. HOWEVER, when a client wants accomplish all of those things and wants to save months of construction overhead costs and be 100% recyclable- there is ONLY ONE method of construction and that is Permanent Alternative Construction (PAC)

Look at this recent case study of a project we provided for Lake Havasu City, Arizona. The transit department needed a building, had a set budget, and wanted the building to be energy efficient and sustainable.

Some great qualities that were designed into this design-build project:

* White reflective roof covering with extended life cycle
* Insulated stucco system, providing a more energy efficient R-Value, continuous building envelope
* Facings of the windows & doors on the site to take advantage of natural lighting
* Ergonomic interior design for flow and client seating and work stations
* Energy efficient mechanical systems that will save thousands in operational costs over the years
* Recycle content insulation and other components
* Low and NO VOC content components & product
* 100% Recycleable upon end of current user lifecycle

For more information on Permanent Alternative Construction (PAC), contact our team:
Modular Solutions, Ltd
Phone: 800-441-8577 x 1 (Sales)

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