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Monday, July 13, 2015

Getting Ready For Monsoon

Monsoon season brings crazy weather and you need to be prepared if you are in a building or if you are getting a building installed. The monsoon weather is every extreme from small dust storms, to nightly lightning shows, to tornadoes, even summer wild fires, sink holes, and flooding heavy rain or hail storms. How do you prepare for it? A few good tips.
1. Make sure if you have shutters or storm windows they are functional and ready to be used.
2. If you are excavating a building "pit" for grade level set on new construction, berm the dirt on the sides, so the water does not fill in the building pad
3. If you are lightning strike zone check your lighting rods- Don't have any "get them installed"
4. High Winds: Look for loose roof nails or covering that is not attached well (ie shingles or rubberized) or patches to make sure they are sealed as well as possible
5. Driving Rains: Look for seal on trims & windows & doors - make sure they are caulked well & ready for the stroms
6. Dust Storms: Sometimes power outages are a result of high dust, make sure if you require power (ie hospital/law enforcement) your back up generators are fueled & maintained
7. Floods: Make sure your flood insurance is up to date

Some acts of nature are out of everyone's control, but looking ahead to stave off small or minor inconveniences you can extend the life cycle of your building against the ferocious monsoon season season storms.

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