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Monday, July 27, 2015

Need A New Bus Barn?

Modular construction is great for offices and finished building applications, but sometimes schools just need a large open bay bus barn or maintenance shed. If your need is industrial a steel building is a great way to get a durable inexpensive space solution. Modular Solutions, Ltd builds steel buildings from a kit, but any size & type of options are available. You can have service bay doors, man doors, lighting, heating, cooling, water for wash bays, fire equipment, offices. The great thing about a steel building is that it can be any size, and any eve height. You can also have the steel building blend in by sprucing up your final finishes to include stucco, or brick wainscot, or other fun and creative finish options.

The term "bus-barn" is not always indicative of what the final space solution includes. There is a district in TX that is constructing a bus complex is a massive 130,000 sq. ft. facility on a 42-acre lot that will provide parking for 120 buses and 200 employee and visitor vehicles, which service over 20,000 students. The property will also also serve as a bus maintenance center and warehouse facility. Steel buildings are a great way to facilitate large district needs and keep the budget under control.

No matter what your steel building needs, make sure you get a professional that understands working on a school site, background checks, workplace safety, and of course proper licensing for steel buildings.

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