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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What Are Tie Downs?

A modular building sets on a foundation. If the building is not securely fastened down to the earth in some manner it can be blown off the foundation in high wind situations.
There are studies of modular homes and commercial modular buildings that had tie downs, setting next to those that did not have tie downs. The buildings with tie downs survived high winds and extreme weather with little or no damage while buildings with no tie downs were sometimes a pile of rubble.

There are several types of tie downs based on the ground soil conditions and the type of foundation you are using.

No matter how large or small your modular building is we recommend tie downs. In most states they are required as a part of the foundation engineering. When you get a modular building installed from a reputable dealer or manufacturer they will always include a foundation design stamped by a professional engineer for your location and use.

Site built and modular buildings have faced total demolition during tornado or hurricane weather, but tie downs are a great way to keep your modular building more secure and safer when on the periphery of a storm.

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