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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Build A Learning Environment, Not A Portable Classroom

STEM Learning Environment

Just a thought to get everyone having a conversation about what is a learning environment.  As I thought about it more there are some comparisons that come to mind that are similar to the human body.   A human body does not function with bones alone, it needs muscles, and joints, and tendons, and skin to be flexible and grow.  Yet we expect our learning environments to thrive with just a basic box (a skeleton of bones if you will), and think this will function effectively.

Modular Solutions, Ltd has developed a classroom learning environment for the STEM or STEAM learning culture that will grow and move and has flexible systems to choose from.

What makes a classroom environment successful?

Energy Efficiency: So that schools have the funds to operate, and can show future generations that there is "a better way to build"

Natural lighting: To encourage creativity and good health

Open flexible Space:  Students can work in small groups, alone, in large classroom settings.  Having flexible space options make a huge difference in how a teacher can reach all the senses of a student as they educate

New generation ceiling tiles that block sound travel and absorb sound, such as the new panels manufactured by Armstrong Ceiling Systems 

Carpet squares like those designed by Desso, a Tarkett company that are environmentally friendly, that can be take up or removed as space changes are required.

Cloud based learning wall, such as  provided by Nureva, Inc  that students can all participate in the collaborative learning approach

Decorative and inviting exterior finishes.  Gone are the days when a modular classroom had to be a wood sided box, with a pitched roof and shingles.  If the modular classroom exterior is fun and inviting the children will be excited about coming to school each day

To find out more about our specialty design systems that are incorporated into our STEM and STEAM learning environment classrooms contact our preconstruction team.

Modular Solutions, Ltd

Phone: 800-441-8577 x 1 Sales

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