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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Modular Building Recertification, In Arizona

Modular Building Recertification, In Arizona

State of Arizona mandates all prefabricated buildings have state seals

In Arizona any prefabricated buildings that are for commercial or public use are required to have state seals on the building.  Sometimes a client will purchase a used building from the internet or even get a building donated.   In such cases a great deal is not always a great deal. 

When a building comes into Arizona from another state and it has not been approved by the department of building and life safety, you will have to get the building recertified.   The only way to get a recertification completed is to hire a company such as Modular Solutions that provides new construction as a factory and that will also verify your building is viable for use meeting Arizona codes and construction methods.

Sometimes a building was on a federal site with no approvals, and unfortunately the cost to retrofit the building to current code can be extremely expensive.  The best option is if you are considering taking a building for free or purchasing a building from out of state, to contact our Architectural (AE) department and let us offer you advise.

The process is pretty straight forward for recertification, but can be cost prohibitive if you end up with a building that was used on a federal site and furnished by the "low-bid" and does need any standards for code compliance or construction standards.

For more information on recertification contact our team:

Modular Solutions, Ltd

Phone: 800-441-8577 x (1) Sales

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