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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Moving Portable Buildings In New Mexico, The Easy Way

Modular Solutions, Ltd Can Relocate Your Portable Building In New Mexico As A CES Procurement Partner

Modular Solutions, Ltd has been awarded the CES cooperative contract in New Mexico for JOC General Contracting Services and for Modular Building construction and relocations.  

In New Mexico there are many steel one piece buildings available.   If you have the opportunity to get one of those buildings donated or for a fair value, we would encourage you to contact our experienced team to help you relocate it to your location.

Modular Solutions, Ltd has been a Cooperative Educational Services (CES) Procurement partner since 2004.  We have relocated buildings across the block and across the state.   Knowledge of how to safely get from point A to point B has been a huge part of our success.  Let our team come out and provide you with a free preconstruction estimate to move your relocateable building, making it beneficial space again.

For more information contact our team at:

Modular Solutions, Ltd
Phone:  800-441-8577 x  1 (Sales)

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