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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Want A Lower Energy Bill This Summer?

Preconstruction Tips: How To Build A More Energy Efficient Modular Building:

Tip 1:

Awnings or porches covering the main entry can help block direct sunlight and assist with cooling the temperature of the modular building.   Porches can be made from varied materials and blend in with the modular building or stand out to make a statement. Choosing a reflective coating or color will help reduce the heat even further.

Tip 2:
Choose an energy efficient exterior finish such as EIFS or Stucco that includes additional insulation value in the process of the finish installation.  Heat gain is reduced with this step.

Tip 3:

There are many choices for mechanical systems in the marketplace today.  Making an educated choice based on the life cycle and operational costs of the equipment will have a huge impact on your monthly utility bill.  We have many articles in this blog on mechanical system choices, and how to get the best value for your investment.
Tip 4:
Strategically placed landscape will always make a difference in the daylight heat absorption factor.  Planting cooling trees and bushes to shield the building, while being mindful of the roots and watering impact to your building.   There are many great plants that are specifically used for their cooling effect.
Tip 5:

Modular building orientation is critical to how much heat can penetrate the building during the daylight hours.  When doors or windows are facing direct sunlight even the most efficiently designed modular building will have trouble keeping cool. 

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