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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Need An IT Room In Your New Modular Building, Read These Five Great Tips

How To Design Your IT Room, Five Great Tips

Almost every new modular building being constructed for traditional office space use has an IT room included.  Over the years we have seen the evolution of this crucial space.   Some manufacturers would just build a closet causing overheating, some manufacturers put in a large AC drop causing the AC units to freeze up or over cycle. 

When you are depending on technology to run so many aspects of your business, how much would it cost you if your communication or data systems are down?

Here are a few tips to look at when you are designing your new modular building. 

1.  Size the room based on the amount of equipment you will have in your facility.  Over sizing or undersizing a room can cause issues with the operations of your system.

2.  Do not use the space for "storage" of other things.  Frequently we will see designated IT rooms become storage for office and cleaning supplies or spare parts.  Keep the IT room clean and free of clutter.  If you need storage, design in additional storage rooms.

3.  Static resistant flooring is the recommendation.

  Use wood, laminate, tile, or some other easy maintenance non-static material for the floor covering in the IT room.

4.  If you are not using a professional rack in the IT room, then make sure your include a backer board that is coated with a fire restive material.  Some clients will even make the entire room a one hour fire rated room.

5.  We recommend IT rooms have a mini-split system with a ductless cooling unit dedicated to that room.  
In the event there are thermostat wars in the office spaces your IT room will remain cool and consistent based on the temperature setting you and your team select.  Large data rooms can exhaust through the floor or crawl space if you design your facility using a professional team. 

For more great tips and ideas about how to build a better modular building contact our team for a free consultation:

Phone:  800-441-8577 x 1 (sales)

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