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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Modular Homes, what does that mean?

Confused about what is a modular home or a manufactured or mobile home, or a custom IRC home? You are not alone. Our modular industry tends to use all of those words with clients and each company has a versatile meaning as to what the difference is.

A modular home from the outside can look like a mobile home, but have thousands of $$'s in structural upgrades you will never see. And transversely a mobile home can have lots of "fluff" on the outside and still just be a mobile or manufactured home.

This is an IRC duplex home. Traditional siding, architectural shingles, why is this one different? It is in what you don't see, the structural package and design. There are energy code upgrades, all the appliances are energy star, the windows are energy star, the floor system is substantially heavier, the stud framing is 2 x 6, the roof has upgraded trusses and insulation system....It sets on a permanent foundation system.

The definition in most jurisdictions is in the "code" approval IRC or HUD, and in the foundation system. If you have a permanent foundation system, most jurisdictions will call the home a modular home. It is usually easier to find financing for a IRC or Modular home than a manufactured home that can be moved away in the night. In the end what you want is a durable and well built structure that meets your individual needs, and falls within your budget. It will be your decision to look at a long term investment such as energy efficient design (saving $$s on monthly utility costs) vs. hard dollars spent today. To learn more about the differences contact our professional team at (800) 441-8577 x 1


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