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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Can I get more efficient windows in my modular building

Feeling your operations dollars fly out the window? One way to keep your building envelope, and reduces costs is to utilize the right type of windows for your location. There are literally hundreds of window suppliers, and choosing the best value without "overbuying" can increase your energy efficiency.

According to AAMA there are five basic window classifications for performance standards. “R” for Residential, “LC” for Light Commercial, “C” for Commercial, “HC” for Heavy Commercial and “AW” for Architectural. This general rating was replaced with a more modern version in 2008. To qualify for a given performance grade (PG), a representative specimen of the product must pass all required performance tests for the following, in addition to all required auxiliary (durability) tests for the applicable product type and desired performance class:

a) Operating force (if applicable)
b) Air leakage resistance
c) Water penetration resistance
d) Uniform load deflection test
e) Uniform load structural test
f) Forced-entry resistance (if applicable)
It is important to consider location, building facings, wind conditions, application, and other factors when deciding which windows to include in your new modular buildings. By having a team that understands energy efficiencies, and architectural solar factors you will be able to get the best value and return on your investment.

For more information contact the preconstruction team at Modular Solutions, Ltd
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