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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Should we use BIM in our modular design phase?

What is BIM? Building Information Modeling. Building Information Modeling helps communication with all phases of the construction process "see" in real time what the building will be like in the end. Helping avoid conflicts with ductwork & fire sprinkler heads or fire walls running in the way of ductwork as examples. By having the entire building in a 3D or 4D program all of the designers and trades can see any potential conflicts before the construction process begins.

Since modular buildings are constructed in independent sections and put together in the plant as "one" building, avoiding construction conflicts will help prevent costly "re-construction" or "do-overs" and keep your projects on schedule. This also helps with final finishes that will be installed on site such as downspout placement and porch opening locations.

By having the owner, architectural, fabrication, and construction team involved from inception and effectively communicating, each department can take ownership and ensure their part of the project will be successful.

To learn more about BIM Technology READ HERE.

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