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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Modular Multi-Story Designs

Sometimes land is so expensive, the only way to build is UP! Multi-story modular buildings are becoming more and more popular with clients needing modular classroom space and modular office space.

Five things to look for in a modular multi-story design:
1. Experience- Always look for a vendor such as Modular Solutions, ltd that has not only designed, but fabricated and installed a modular multi-story building.
2. Structural Integrity- Some companies are building wood frame multi-story structures, which is a choice- but is it the best choice. Explore your options
3. Practicality- Sometimes it is not really a cost advantage to take a very small structure to two stories. While it can certainly be designed and the space can be constructed, the feasibility of the total project size does not generate a cost-effective modular solution
4. Elevator & Stairs- An elevator is one of the main cost factors in a modular multi-story building. Consideration for location of egress and stairs and even using a "modular" elevator are all things to incorporate into your modular multi-story project. Correctly designing stairs & landings allow a decorative and creative embellishments to a project. Incorrect design can be a safety hazard, make sure you talk through this aspect.

5. Final Finishes- When you have a multi-story modular facility safety precautions such as guard rails, and fire safety have to be incorporated into the design. Decide how much of your facility you want with exterior walkways and how much is all indoors. The cost of roof covering vs. railings and covered walkways.

For more information on multi-story modular construction call our preconstruction team at
Modular Solutions, Ltd Toll Free (800) 441-8577 x 1

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