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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Are Bars Safe?

Security is always an issue with any office facility. If you are rural you face weekend or passer by traffic stopping in to see what they can "borrow", if you are in a busy city you face the crime rates that goes along with being in a metropolitan area. One thing our clients are concerned about is what if they can not get out of a modular building in an emergency?

The key to security both internal and external is "DESIGN". Do not buy security bars from a vendor that will make your new facility look like a prison. We have found that there is an entire art to this industry. We work with one vendor , Desert Ornamental Artistry, and the reason we enjoy working with them is that they always provide decorative and creative solutions meeting the security aspects of a project without looking boring and common.

Some quick tips for design safety:
1. If you are getting an ornamental gate, have the door swing OUT. Safer for the occupant of a facility
2. If you are ordering security bars, make sure they have a "quick-release". This will release the bars in the
event of an internal safety issue such as fire or intruder.
3. Design your windows or at least one on a hallway large enough to use as an "egress" in an emergency. Small 12" tall windows are great for energy design,
but are not necessarily the best choice in an intruder situation.

4. Build your design creatively. Know that you have choices in the way the bars appear,
and how they are hung. You are not limited to vertical bars with mesh backing unless budget is your only concern.'

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