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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Back To School Modular Building Safety Tips

Each year as kids head back to school in modular and portable classroom buildings there are instances of unsafe site conditions. Here are a few tips to keep your project site safer and keep the children and staff out of the nurses office with avoidable accidents:
( 5 ) Great tips for safety:

1. If you have wall mounted mechanical units that usually sit 4' - 5' off the ground implement safety plan:
* Build a cage or designer box around the mechanical units (pretty also)
* Put in pipe bollards painted yellow to warn pedestrian traffic of possible danger
* Pull your sidewalks and walkways away from the modular building a minimum of 3' to remove the pedestrian pathway away from the mechanical units

2. If you have a ramp, make sure there is no rust or broken sharp edges that can cut or hurt someone
2A. Do a preventative walk through of your ramp & stair attachments & make sure the railings are attached, the welds are tight, skid resistant material fresh coating.
3. If your doors swing "out" paint a circle on the sidewalks so kids and staff can visualize the swing radius
4. If you have traditional steel doors consider adding a "view lite" small window so when opening a door you can see oncoming pedestrian traffic
5. Of course, the traditional fire alarm,fire sprinkler, & extinguisher equipment need to pass annual inspections

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