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Friday, August 1, 2014

How Do They Get The Modular Building Ready For Transport?

While this may seem like an answer every manufacturer in the industry would or should answer the will get a huge variety of quality levels on this matter. A modular building is constructed to drive down the road and be set on the site usually within a few days. As life happens, sometimes modular buildings get constructed and then you will have to wait weeks or months before they can actually be installed on a site. This is a point when how the manufacturer got the building ready for transport can really impact how well your building will survive the storage and waiting experience.

Some tips on what a "well-packaged" modular building should contain:
1. HEAVY DUTY plastic, with a thick mil or even shrink wrap if you know the building will be in storage for a period of time
2. Have a shipping wall at least every 20' to ensure the building shape will hold true and does not torque out of shape
3. Plastic cross straps should be used vertical & horizontal at a minimum of 4' on center to keep plastic secured
3. Use metal straps for cross bracing, wood can also be used but may buckle in harsh climate conditions
4. If you are in a sunny climate use a plastic that has UV protection

Additionally, if you plan on having the building set for a period of time you might want to consider putting piers under the corner and a few locations to "soft-set" the building to maintain the integrity of the the building structure.

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