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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Back To School, In A New Modular School

It is that time of year and the new school year is well underway in many locations. Schools are in session from head start to university level education. Many of those schools are back in session, in a modular building, or a modular campus. FLOOR PLAN LINK

Modular buildings are used for temporary overflow classrooms, and also as a permanent space solution. No matter what type of modular building is on your campus you can feel secure knowing the IBC construction code is incorporated into every new modular building going to a school campus.
What type of modular buildings are on a school campus?
1. Traditional classrooms for 20 - 35 students each.
2. Science laboratories for accelerating STEM education
3. Computer learning labs, with advanced technologies
4. Vocational training labs (cosmetology, culinary arts,vehicle shop, etc)
5. Daycare and infant care centers
6. Lecture halls and conference centers
7. Cafeteria, food service, multipurpose facilities
8. Sports centers (gymnasium, locker rooms)
9. Specialty classroom (arts, music)
10. Administration offices
11. Bus barns and service bays
12. Guard Shacks/Security Booths
13. Health care and wellness centers or nursing stations
14. On line learning centers

No matter what the space need is on an educational campus, there is a Modular Solution!

For more information contact our team:
Modular Solutions, Ltd
P O Box 15507-Phoenix, AZ 85060
Phone: 800-441-8577 ext. 1

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