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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Modular Building Case Study Education

Modular School Construction A Case Study

Education construction is a multi-billion dollar business.  There are renovations, new construction, and also prefabricated projects across the USA.  With all of those choices school districts and charter schools have to decide what is the best option for their school flow, budget, and location.

Learn more about this permanent modular school construction project provided by Modular Solutions, Ltd.

When this charter school was trying to get started they were owned by a small struggling administrator with a dream.

The school was Juniper Tree Academy, and they leased space from a local church.   After the first couple of years and a successful track record they had sufficient funds to grow the school, but wanted to be able to move the campus to their final home when the time was right. This modular building school campus was designed, and installed by Modular Solutions, ltd.

 The campus consisted of 15,000 square ft of classroom space , a cafeteria/multi-purpose room, and even an administrative wing.

All in all the project was such a success the owner was able to sell the campus to new owners, and they were able to expand even further.

For More Information:

Contact Modular Solutions, Ltd
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We look forward to helping your school grow one modular building at a time or with an entire campus over a summer break.

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