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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Modular Buildings in Flagstaff Arizona

Modular Buildings in Flagstaff and Northern Arizona require a few special building features.

By living and working in an area with higher elevations, and more severe climates we have a few recommendations for you to construct your commercial modular or residential modular building.

Some Construction Tips:

  1. Build your roof snow load according to the local codes.  In Flagstaff, Arizona a modular building needs to be 40# roof snow load.  In the higher elevations there are some local jurisdictions that require a 60# roof snow load on a modular building.
  2. Build your commercial building with a minimum of 2 x 6 Exterior walls and 2 x 8 Roof joists or rafters.  A good insulation package will keep you warm and keep your utility bills lower
  3. Construct your modular building in Flagstaff, Arizona with vinyl or good insulated windows.  Cheap windows will let cold air in and warm air escape.
  4. Design your crawl space with insulated pipes, and heat strip.  Winter freezes can cause severe damage if you do not have preventative measures in place.

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