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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Modular Building in Window Rock Arizona

There is nothing like being surrounded by the beauty of nature.   Window Rock Arizona is located on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona.  When a modular building is going to be placed in Window Rock, Arizona there are a few good tips for constructing a modular building that will make a nice impact in the community and keep the building looking like it has always been there.

1. The southwest has design elements that are commonly found such as metal roof coverings, or stucco exteriors.  Those types of finishes will blend in well
2. Design with colors and nature in mind.  The four elements are incorporated into your modular building to speak a message to the community.
3. Build your modular building with Northern Arizona climate in mind.  2 x 6 exterior walls, and mason foundation systems or adjustable piers work really well
4. Design around the wind load.  There are frequently high winds in Window Rock Arizona and your modular building should be constructed to keep those wind noises and effects minimal.

Modular Solutions, Ltd is a Native American owned factory, and will always include cultural and design elements that are cohesive with the nature around your community.

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