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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Modular Buildings in Yuma Arizona

What makes Yuma Arizona unique when it comes to modular building construction?   Yuma, Wellton, Somerton, and other communities in that vicinity are on an earthquake fault line.  What does that mean to the construction of your modular building?

It means you can not order a "stock" unit from a "trailer" vendor and expect that it will meet or exceed all of the seismic zone requirements for Yuma Arizona.

Some construction tips for your modular building in Yuma Arizona or locations with special seismic considerations.

  • Straps will be required in the ceilings, and special additional strapping in the structural design.  
  • Windows will have to be per the seismic code zone for construction
  • design your interior decor for safety, glass and other objects will break during a quake causing further potential damage
  • strap furnishing and heavy pieces to the wall if available
  • Anchor water heaters (gas and electric) so they do not come unstrapped and cause leaks

Site constructed buildings and modular buildings can have damage during an earthquake, it is just important to design to the construction code that will help prevent as much damage as possible.

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