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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Modular Church Building, Tips For Construction

A modular church building or worship center has to accomplish many uses with a small congregation.   Sometimes the facility will be the main worship center, sometimes the facility will have to be classrooms, and at other times it will serve as the pot luck social center.

A church design needs to be flexible and serve many functions.   When budget is a concern there are some ideas that will help you multi-task your new modular church facility.

1.  Build your new facility with open beams, often times posting is less expensive, but in the end renovations or remodel or even clear vision are impacted by posts.
2. Design around your own aesthetic functions.  You can construct your new modular church building
with a vanilla approach and then bring your own flavor and interior design.  This saves money on the front end and allows you to make it your own.
3. If there is a budget design your church meeting room with large higher ceilings, and your classrooms with a lower ceiling.  This will save money, and allow for separation of spaces.

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