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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Five Tips on How to Prevent Key Chaos

Every school, church, hospital, facility has a challenge of keeping the key chaos down to a minimum. With proper planning you can eliminate the key cluster effect and the pandemonium of lockout syndrome!

1. Decide on a plan for brand, keyways, security clearance, egress pitfalls, and talk it through with your modular design specialist during the preconstruction phase. Proper planning helps you alleviate extra spending on "do-overs"
2. How secure do you need to be? Talk through and decide if you need additional security features such as electronic monitoring, card keys, cypher locksets, or will standard keyways be sufficient.
3. Talk with other professionals in your industry. See how they handle their egress issues and see if they have any helpful tips
4. Every volunteer and employee has the potential to be locked out...or worse "locked-in". Walk through how your group will handle unscheduled events or the need for off hours entry.
5. Don't be afraid to try different things to see how they work. Sometimes the best plan on paper just does not work for your function. If you find the plan is not working-redesign or tweak it.

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