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Monday, December 2, 2013

Modular Kitchen, On the move!

After a weekend of holiday feasting kitchens are on our minds. Did you know that you can have a commercial kitchen with all the amenities in a modular building? A modular kitchen and cafeteria are great space solutions for rural areas that need a modular diner, or a school that needs more modular cafeteria space, or disaster relief in areas hit by natural disaster.
A few hints for getting everything you need in a commercial modular kitchen design:
1. Find a vendor with kitchen design experience, commercial kitchens have to meet logical space flow patterns and meet health code requirements, and OSHA safety requirements
2. Get a conceptual design, and run it by all the inspection parties to make sure you don't have to "do-over" a design deficiency
3. If timing is critical, get a firm written schedule. Nothing worse than opening months late......with excuses from a vendor that is invested in your critical path schedules from the onset
4. Consider growth. If you think your diner or cafeteria will need more space plan to use flexible modular sections that can easily add more space as you continue to grow, allowing for more revenue and better community service
Some Design Considerations:
1. Consider clearspan steel construction in your modular dining area, so that you do not have to work tables around post locations and you have clear viewing access of the entire room
2. Create a spacious area for restrooms, away from main traffic
3. A modular design can have high ceilings for a more open feel, ask how to get this incorporated into your new modular space
4. Design your new modular building to meet the theme of your restaurant, successful establishments will share that the theme and ambiance can be the critical factor in revenues
5. Know what you want, and don't settle. Innovative modular companies will be able to design and build any type of kitchen and dining facility you want, when they are involved in the early planning stages.

For more information contact our preconstruction team at Modular Solutions, Ltd (800) 441-8577 x 1

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