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Thursday, December 5, 2013

New Mexico, Land of Enchanted Modulars

New Mexico is on the rebound, and construction is on the rise. Modular homes, and modular buildings in New Mexico are showing great signs of back log in factory production orders. And why not? Modular homes and commercial modular buildings are a way to get your new building completed faster, and get custom architectural features.

In New Mexico the santa fe look with stucco exterior is one of our most popular architectural styles, but we are able to provide any number of finishes you want. Blending in with the existing community is important and should always be considered when you are in the design phase of getting your new modular building.

We are pleased to be a CES procurement partner in New Mexico. By making the commodity contract available throughout the state of New Mexico to all state, local, and educational buyers the procurement process is streamlined and the value is proven!

Advantages to commodity purchasing:
1. Preapproved pricing package for modular buildings and structures with value and price as a determining award factor
2. Convenience of expedited procurement process. Instead of having to do design, bid, & construct contracting agents can choose the more preferred design-build methodology of procurement
3. As a procurement partner we will always ensure our clients are satisfied, so that our contract will be extended
4. Free consultations and solutions development! Why pay for a consultant to tell you that modular construction is a great solution!

For more information contact our team at Modular Solutions, Ltd (800) 441-8577 x 1

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