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Friday, December 6, 2013

What Color Should My Modular Building Be? is often one of the most personal preferences any client can apply to a project. Too bold and the neighbors complain, too light and you are painting and power washing every year. What is the perfect balance of not too bland...not to charismatic?

While colors for a modular building are often determined by the local CCR (zoning board), where you can get options from a fan deck that allows (4) flavors of tan there are also unlimited options available which can become overwhelming.

Architectural design teams have "families" of colors to help you design the perfect match and blend of colors that will enhance the community and accomplish your color objectives successfully.
1. Choose what you like, and see it in a BIM or colored elevation and color board so the entire project can be visualized
2. Don't be afraid of color, sometimes a great pop of green, or bold red can really make the difference
3. Natural textures and colors are always a safe bet, with lots of choices in that color family
4. Experiment your color choices, and in the end if it is just paint, you can always "do-over".

For more information on modular building design & construction contact our preconstruction team at Modular Solutions, Ltd (800) 441-8577 x 1

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