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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Native American Communities Choose Modular Solutions

Many Native American Communities are hundreds of miles from the nearest metropolitan city. The need still exists in each community for stores, police and fire protection services, schools, housing, clinics, social services, legislative and judicial offices. Due to the remote location construction costs swell well over $200/PSF for traditional construction. Many Native American communities have discovered the flexibility and affordability of prefabricated buildings.
Benefits of modular buildings and prefabricated construction include:
1. Modular buildings are temporary or permanent, depending on specification details and construction methods
2. Modular buildings can be in place in 60-90 days from approval
3. Modular buildings can be constructed "green" and include construction methods that reduce our carbon footprint
4. Modular buildings deliver to the site 90% complete, reducing site noise, theft of materials, and environmental impact
5. Modular companies can work with local TERO offices to hire semi-skilled labor forces to complete the finishes to the new building addition allowing work for a broader spectrum of construction crews

Modular Solutions, Ltd is a Native American owned company. We have constructed, relocated, and renovated over 1,000,000 S.F. for projects that needed a better way to build.
Modular buildings have been used for temporary and permanent construction, meeting the needs of Native American communities.

Assisted Living Facilities
Dental & Medical Clinics
Dialysis Clinic
Wellness Centers
Classrooms & Education
Community Centers
Casino & Conference Resorts
Stores & Supply Warehouses
Secured Financial Facilities
Dining Facilities
Emergency Responders
Legislative & Judicial Facilities

To find out more about how Modular Solutions, Ltd can help you meet the space needs of your community contact our preconstruction and design team at (800) 441-8577 x 1


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