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Friday, December 20, 2013

Need A Modular Building Floor Plan Fast?

Modular Construction is like traditional construction, everyone has a unique design they are looking to have built for their organization.

Conceptual floor plans from an architectural firm can cost from $500 to $3,500 and can take weeks to develop.

Here are (4) tips for getting affordable conceptual site plans:

1. If the modular company keeps a “catalog” of buildings similar that have been built you can look at something similar that worked for another client. Modular Solutions, Ltd keeps a master catalog and has floor plans from every project dating back to 1996. Just make sure if the floor plan is an older floor plan it has been updated to meet current IBC codes.

2. Modular companies will sometimes have “typical” models. Maybe one of these floor plans will work for your needs. If not, ask the modular company if the provide conceptual planning as a part of their service. Modular Solutions, Ltd provides free conceptual plans and budgets as a part of our preconstruction package.

3. Identify key employees space needs, and flow as you plan. Reworking floor plans can take time and slow down your schedule. Design firms will charge you for each rendition or version you request.

4. Keep your mind open. Sometimes what you thought would be a great idea, does not pan out to be a cost effective design. Listen to the design experts and let them help you create a design that is efficient and affordable.

For more information contact our team at Modular Solutions, Ltd (800) 441-8577 x 1


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