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Monday, July 21, 2014

Fun Modular Projects 1

Modular buildings and prefabricated construction are used for lots of space solutions. You will see projects that range from construction trailers to permanent multi-story facilities all called "modular" buildings.

This week we will share a few fun and innovative projects with you, just so that you can envision the possibilities!
What if you live at the bottom of the Grand Canyon and have to pack mule/hike/helicopter lift out of the Canyon? Not an easy lifestyle. In collaboration with the NPS, we constructed duplex housing on the top of the Canyon for members of the Havasupai tribe that needed a place to stay so that they could attend school or work daily. This housing had to be ADA accessible throughout in case the occupant was a tribal elder. The solution was fun and innovative and not an "off-the-shelf" modular like what is scattered throughout the park. The tribe had been waiting for this housing solution since the early 1970's and was grateful to see the housing finally in place.

What were some of the unique challenges of this project?
Placement of the large duplexes was difficult. In a national park you are only allowed to move or relocate certain species and sizes of trees and foliage.

What was the most creative solution?
The customer had high snow load conditions and required a minimum of 6:12 pitch roof. On a traditional modular structure this can not ship down the road, so we designed the removeable roofs. The wrap around porches also gave the occupants a view of the glorious park from all sides.

How was this good for the environment?
All of the appliances, windows, mechanical systems, & windows were energy star. As well as using sustainable finishes such as bamboo flooring, and recycle content insulation in the 2 x 6 walls.

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