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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What Do I Do If We Have Bad Soil Conditions?

We are frequently asked by clients on a tight budget, "why do we want to spend money on testing the soil, aren't modular buildings made to move with the ground?"

I guess to answer that question you have to ask a few questions.
1. What are your goals for the modular building - temporary or permanent use
2. Has there been any construction in this area before to look for signs of bad soil conditions with other structures
3. Can we do a little test dig where you want this to go & take a look

Soils testing is performed by an engineering company that specializes in geotechnical surveys. The reason you do a geotechnical survey is to find out what kind of ground conditions the modular building and the foundation will be setting on. If you have soil that is expansive or that moves you will want to excavate out or even bring in new soil to mix with the bad soil so your building does not settle or your foundation does not fail. Have you ever watched those sink hole videos on the internet? Not a good example of solid soil conditions.

Modular buildings are designed to have some give/take room, which is why many modular building dealers will set a modular building on piers & just readjust the piers as a building shifts or moves. While you may see this in the industry for short term temporary installations it is not recommended on long term or permanent installations. Piers that adjust do not "fix" bad soil conditions and if not addressed by an engineering professional you may be at risk.

Many states have regulations regarding soil condition reports and enforce those regulations. It is always best to work with a company that has experience in grading and in soil conditions reporting so that you can make an educated and informed decision.

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