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Monday, July 14, 2014

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint, With A Solatube

With everyone wanting to be more "green" and building an environmentally friendly modular building we often asked what is a better way to light naturally without all the heat penetration from standard windows. Our solution has been to include "solatube" lighting. This is a name brand, I think their industry nomenclature is tubular daylight device. What ever you choose to call them, there are many great benefits.

1. No heat transference, sky lights and windows allow sunlight in-the design of this device only allows the light to bend through & into your space
2. These tubular daylights are so bright you can even turn off all lighting during the day & have a brightly lit room
3. With the flexible shape & design they can be placed almost anywhere in your modular building
4. Low maintenance & repair. Unlike traditional skylights that require motors and constant maintenance, when installed properly an annual inspection will show if you need any preventative maintenance.
5. Energy star endorses the "solatube" brand due to its proprietary bright lighting capacity, and light damper capacity
Their website is located at :

Anything you can design into your modular building to reduce your carbon footprint is the great for the environment. This is an alternative that has been very successful in warm and sunny climates.

For more information regarding alternative lighting methods contact our team:

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