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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fun Modular Projects 3

This project was one that is probably one of the most unique projects in the industry. Our team was tasked with the solution of how to get a modular building to the bottom of the Grand Canyon for the Havasupai Tribe in Arizona. A complete modular building is way to heavy to get to the bottom of the canyon even with a helicopter so we had to develop a solution that was quick and that would still be economical for the tribe.

Our team used our MPANEL system of construction so we could take down completed components and save time on site. The bulk materials such as mechanical units, insulation, osb, siding, were bundled and numbered put in connex boxes, and taken to a staging area by helicopter. The project solution was an alternative to traditional construction which would have taken over a year to complete. Our crews were on site for 30 days from initial flight down through occupancy, including all utility connections.

Critical Path Items:
Securing the large commercial helicopter. There are only a few in the entire US and federal agencies have first rights to them for emergency use.
Pre-construction coordination with tribal officials, utility authorities, local TERO compliance.
Sacred tree had to be saved so construction work space was very limited and tight.

Fun Design Elements:
While this was just a basic classroom in the end, putting together the logistic details of this project was what made it fun. Every part, piece component & timing element were critical.

Surrounding Job Elements:
Our crews enjoyed the rustic beauty of this project, there were no hotels or lodgings available.

If you would like more information on this project or if you would like a solution to your space challenge contact our team:
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